Why Plain Old DevOps?

Why Plain Old DevOps?

The simple answer is a unique blend of experience


We have successfully hybridized data centers with the cloud, as well as migrated complete systems. We have the knowledge and background to properly utilize cloud environments and truly migrate from costly hardware. Knowing what the cloud is and what it does is only step one; knowing when to use what cloud service requires experience not only with the cloud, but legacy systems and their challenges in data structure and communication.

Data Integration:

If there is a need for your legacy systems to communicate with the new CRM, PIM, E-Commerce platform etc. Whether it is a data-synchronization, migration, or transformation we have the knowledge and tools to make that happen. We have a breadth of experience that gives us a unique view on data integration issues. We know that why and how data in legacy systems is structured, and we know which tool to utilize in order to maximize performance.